The Trash Pack, nicknamed "Trashies", are small, squishy, bouncy plastic figures. Trashies are disgusting, outdated, broken garbage in your bin! They are aimed at nearly everyone, because of their fun and disgusting nature. They also have a hole at the bottom, to stick to your pencil, or to place it on an accessory.

There are lots of Trashie rarities, Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Special Edition, Limited Edition, and Exclusive.

But there's more than just ordinary Trashies! Every Series has a special line, with the Trashies a different variant (metallic, sandy, sticky, see-through) and what makes it even more addicting is the chance to get Limited Editions! But, there are some downsides of The Trash Pack. If you drop a Trashie, it will bounce really far, and you might lose it. Also, if you buy 2 packs showing the same trashies, the contents are the same. Also, the Limited Editions are only half randomly inserted, as they only come in one specific pack.

You can get Trashies at your leading retailer, and they are available in lots of the world. There are 2 packs, 5 packs, 12 packs, special packs (fizz, ooze, etc), Easter Egg 2 pack, and more. There are also lots of playsets, like a mini squish slide, Scum Drum, Street Sweeper, Garbage Truck, and lots more.

It is kind of hard to get all of the Trashies, so you will have to trade or buy from someone.