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  • Random12

    Supereggy, I need your help

    December 13, 2012 by Random12

    Hi Supereggy5, i just want to let you know, that sometimes i can't post a message on peoples message wall.... I'm fine a the moment.... but it'll probably flare up again soon. Do you know what it is and whats the solution? Please respond... If this message is on your message wall then respond there.

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  • Random12

    Fancy this trashie? On the top line, 5th from the left is a possible Series 4 trashie, that looks somewhat like a Game controller, namely a PS 3 or Xbox controller. Here a some likely names: Pee-s-3, Cruddy Controller or Yuck-Box Controller.

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  • Random12

    Series 4 leaks!!!!!

    December 3, 2012 by Random12 on the trash pack website are 2 videos featuring 2 series 4's. On the 1st is a piece of mould/slime. In the second is cricket/locust. Good luck to Moose and Trash Pack collectors like myself.Next year will be a big one!!!!!

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  • Random12

    New Edits

    November 27, 2012 by Random12
    • First, I edited all the badges Sonicboy19 didn't get around to
    • I just edited The wiki Navigation
    • I plan on making category pages all over the wiki and special links pages so people can access TP info
    • When I get around to it, I will change the Background image
    • I hope to get a Promotion
    • When I get the Promotion, hopefully, I will make advertisements with our wiki on it
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  • Random12

    Ultimate Fighting Trashies

    November 25, 2012 by Random12

    The Ultimate Fighting Trashies (UFT) have finally been released in areas around Australia. they are an odd 20 pounds and, in my opinion the best toys yet. Although, think back to Series 1... they were the most basic trash toys ever. I guess moose is unfortunately starting to run out of ideas.....

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