• I was born on November 24
  • I am Male
  • scrap racers
  • first guy in sereis 3 pack august 4 2012
  • first trashie EVER
  • my first wave 2 sereis 3 trashie!
  • seres 2 limeted editions
  • easiest trashie to find
  • a random scrap racers
  • have this
I am Thumbwrumbler82 and my friend from school is joining this wiki! sereis 5 came out like 1-2 months ago in the AU but I just got it in the middle of May. If I should say this,I was a wikia contributer. Im a BIG fan of supereggy5's youtube channels(supereggytoast) so now I became a member and people who are newer than me on the wiki is actually doing good editing on the wiki! ecpecialy kackey kettle 444. Nice editing to all of you! it was nice meeting supereggy on the wiki in person. before this wiki I used to watch his youtube videos. Don't think I don't watch supereggy's youtube videos. And  I have almost 500 edits on the trash pack wikia. AUSTRAILIA!!!!!!!!
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