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5 donut rings.jpg|5 DONUT RINGS!|link=
5 donut rings.jpg|5 DONUT RINGS!|link=
150px-5708413.png|I Got Cruddy Cow Skull!
150px-5708413.png|I Got Cruddy Cow Skull!
[[File:Pppppppp.jpg|thumb|I really want his guy!]][[File:FFB.png|thumb|I've got Foul fish bone!]][[File:SBMYDREAMTRASHIE.png|thumb|My Dream Trashie]]
soggy tomato.jpg|I got Soggy Tomato!
soggy tomato.jpg|I got Soggy Tomato!
OMG LE.jpg|I'm the BOSS!
OMG LE.jpg|I'm the BOSS!
FFB.png|I've got Foul fish bone!
SBMYDREAMTRASHIE.png|My Dream Trashie - Squish Bone
Pppppppp.jpg|I really want this guy - Stinky Shrimp (red), the main Beach Trashie.

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Some Ideas for series 5!!!

About Me:

  • I'm the ultimate collector and wiki Bureaucrat!
  • I got Cruddy Cow Skull and Traded him and Grimy Gold for Rotting Rat #27 out of #1000, but I wasn't happy with it so i did a trade back.
    IMG 0085

    Damn. I've only got one Cruddy cow skull and Foul Fish Bone. I've gotten two CCS before though. :)

  • I am seriously into trashies and my favorite trashie is Cruddy cow skull because I have him!
  • I used to have these limited editions: Trash Cat, Trashelite and Rot vault. I traded them for These limited editions: Soggy Tomato, Trash Craft and Junk Jewelery.
  • I'm was in possession of My friends Grimy Gold, Until I traded him.
  • I have all the Series 2's except Grott Rocket and Trashelite, and almost all the series 3's except the Limited Editions excluding Junk Jewerly, Ultra rare Trashantula, ultra rare Grot Pot and teal Cringe Chilli.
  • Series 1 was my favorite Series, until Series 4.
  • I also collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Trash Pack Trading Cards.
  • I recently became a Bureaucrat!

If you have any unknown Questions please ask.
  • Is There a Limited edition inside????
  • All the Astro's and Series 2 limited edtions!!!
  • 5 DONUT RINGS!Go to
  • I Got Cruddy Cow Skull!
  • I got Soggy Tomato!
  • I'm the BOSS!
  • I've got Foul fish bone!
  • My Dream Trashie - Squish Bone
  • I really want this guy - Stinky Shrimp (red), the main Beach Trashie.

Here are some Limited Edition Methods:

  • King Rat: 5 pack with rare bin pig showing
  • Soggy Tomato:?
  • Trash Cat: 12 pack with common Mould Milk and common Snotten showing.
  • Grott Rocket: 5 pack with Rare Rankoon showing
  • Trash Craft: 5 pack with rare Squish Fish showing
  • Trashelite: 5 pack with red Trash Tube showing
  • Grimy Gold: 5 pack with brown Cruddy Kebab showing
  • Trash Cash: 5 pack ????
  • Junk Jewelery: 5 pack with rare Pus Plop showing
  • Sic Toc: 5 pack Grey Piggy pigeon
  • Rot Vault: 12 pack with yellow Piggy Pigeon and common Grot Pot showing
  • Cruddy cow skull: 5 pack Red Gutterfly
  • Rotting Rat: 12 pack ????

My Ideas For series 4

   Junk-Jello (Slimy Trashie)
   Gutter Butter
   Boggy Burger
   Mouldy Mustard
   Unfortunate Cookie
   Choke-a-late Bar
   Ice Scream
   Scummy Sausage
   Loo Lasagne
   Greasy Gherkins
   Sour Lemon
   Cruddy Carrot 


   Puke Piano
   Putrid Pantry
   Oily Oven
   Soggy Sofa (Slimy Trashie)
   Turf Telephone
   Mouldy mug
   Horrible Hutch
   Stuffed-up Statue
   Sud Can
   Broken Bag
   Compost Pile
   Dirty Diaper
   Dumpster Doll
   Funky Football
   Cruddy Cup
   Mouldy Medal
   Fractured Foot
   Gunky Goal
   Mucky Microphone
   Puke Poms


   Overheated Heater #100
   Mouldy Microchip #125
   Cruddy Clock #250
   Burnt-out-Light bulb #500
   Clogged computer #1000
   Loopy Laptop #5000
   Ersatz Elevator #10,000 
 Trash packs are 'sweeping' across the nations.

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