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H1 guyz my name is Ethan and I started collecting trashies in 2014 so I only have 45 . btw i love dis wiki

My trashies

Crud can (red, Gross Ghosts, Custom biter)

Barf bagette (yellow)

Waste truck (purple)

Septix (Cyan) (Favourite)

Flu virus (yellow , GiD, Gross Ghosts)

Blow fly (Yellow, Gross ghosts)

Smashed vase (Blue)

Grot-weiller (brown)

Trashantula (Blue)

Loch Mess ( orange)

Grott hopper (orange)

Icky tick (yellow)

Clogged camera (Yellow)

Giddy squid (gray)

Ooze ogre (yellow)

Trashy torch (Purple)

Gobbles (purple)

Maggot meatball (brown

Boggy borscht (purple)

Puke cakes (orange)

Splat a pillar (brown)

and many , many more

My UFT's


Rotten Fruit (Green)

Combat kebab (Blue)

Mushy Martian (Yellow)

Atilla the bun (green)

Tentacle terror (yellow)

Pineapple crusher (White, GiD)

Eye sore ( White, GID)

Hot head (Orange) 

Brain pain (Yellow)

Cosmic creeper ( White, GiD)

My favorite pages