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one of my favorite trashies (badant, series 3, purple)

hello and welcome to my profile! im a trashpack collector. if you need any questions answered that aren't answered on the trashpack wiki, please message me or join my discord server dedicated all to trash!

discord username: elfthewizard#6511

favorite trashies

keep in mind, i love all of them! but these above others, this is also my opinion, sorry if one of your favorites isnt on this list. this also isnt color/ghost/zombie sensitive, i like all versions of these figures. no particular order

trashies will be added and removed at random

bad ant (series 3)

skabby shark (series 3)

squirmer (series 2)

slime python (series 3)

stinki shrimpi (series 4)

dirty hermy (series 4)

trash tube (series 2)

splider (series 2)

vile hi-fi (series 2)

moldy mattress (series 4)

stingle (series 2)

deadly/deady bear (series 4)

scummy screen (series 1)

barf-bq (s3)

boggy bagel (s2)

gunk-a-saur (s4)

sore berry (s2)

cringe chili (s3)

germit (s1)

giddy squid (s2)

splat slater (s2)

stink sink (s2)

grub tub (s2)

busted crate (s4)

and now we're moving onto the grosserys

note: i dont remember any of the series as well as i remember the original trashpack series

heartless candy

barf biscuit

rot hot pepper

stuff pufferfish

water smellin

lame licorice

radio wreck