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23/12/2020 edit: honestly with the new wikia format I feel boomer again and don't know where everything is/what everything does. Reply times will be slow since I check the wiki infrequently but post on my wall for maximum visibility.

revisiting my childhood posts and wow what am I seeing (cringeeee)? Profile is untouched... for now. Keep in mind that the last edits to my profile were in 2013.

Hello and welcome to my profile! Friends: Everyone, but the best person on the Wiki is..........<insert name here>!!!!  <tabber> About Me=

About Me:

  • I am one of the main Admins and Bureaucrat on this site. I was the 3rd admin on this Wiki, as well as 2nd Bureaucrat.
  • I have Cruddy Cow Skull, Foul Fish Bone and Spewer Rat and I have PROOF!
  • My favourite Trashies would be King Rat, or Rotting Rat. (No, I do NOT have an obsession with rats).
  • I like trains (and ASDF).
  • I used to have a Rot Vault Card, Trashellite and Junk Jewellery, but I sold em all for more than $600 combined!!!
  • If you have any unknown questions please ask.
  • I currently have the highest edit count, as well as top of the the leaderboard in this Wiki.

What I like:

  • LEGO!
  • And other stuff (Trash Pack obviously)
  • Bloons Tower Defense games
  • SAS 3, TD
  • Battle Panic
  • Basically Ninjakiwi in general

What I don't like:

  • Complainers
  • The Biggest Loser
  • Quitters
  • Being sick
  • Having to wake up to go to school
  • Having lots of homework
  • Doing homework

|-| |-| Favourite Trashies=

  • Favourite Trashie in each Series:
  • Series 1: King Rat or Toxic Trash Rim.
  • Series 2: Grot Bot or Trash Blaster.
  • Series 3: Burpy Slurpy.
  • Series 4: Rotting Rat or Scruffer Fish.
  • Favourite Series: Series 4.

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|-| |-| Gallery=

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