Ultimate Fighting Trashies are a spin-off series of The Trash Pack. They are trashies who, with the help of their spin bin launchers and their weapons, can fight each other! They are similar to other toys like Ninjago or Beyblade, as they spin and spin and the first one to get knocked over loses. They were released in February 2013 in the US, UK and Australia. A second series entitled "UFT Glow Mania" was released in Auguest 2013.

  • Fly Kwan Do and a blue Trashinator
  • Fly Kwan Do and Gone Badmiral
  • UFT trading cards
  • UFT battle

The Official Trash Pack UFT Television Commercial

The Official Trash Pack UFT Television Commercial




Starter Battle Pack

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12 Pack

Spin Bin Launcher Pack: Includes one Ultimate Fighting Trashie and one spin bin launcher.

UFT Character Pack: Includes 12 Ultimate Fighting Trashies, 6 of which are visible, and 6 of which are blind bagged. They come with 1 large red can and each pack includes the same characters, like the 5 and 12 pack.

Spin Bin Starter Pack: Includes one

Spin Bin launcher and one exclusive Ultimate Fighting Trashie
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Spin Bin Launcher Pack

(Cack Hammer or Trashinator).

Arena Pack: Includes one Battle Arena and one exclusive Ultimate Fighting Trashie (either Cack Hammer or Trashinator).


UFT has 5 unique teams of trashies that are not included in the normal Trash Pack line. In all, there are 98 different UFT trashies to collect. Each team also has it's own color and matching spin bin launchers. 

Wild Trash

Wild Trash is a UFT trashies team. It's team color is blue. They are animal Trashies that are hungry for victory.


  • Litter Lion (12 Pack*)
  • Drizzly Bear (12 Pack*)
  • Trashmanian Devil (12 Pack*)
  • Sludge Shark (Spin Bin)
  • Alley Gator (12 Pack**)
  • Waste Bin Weaver (12 Pack**)
  • Smellephant (12 Pack**)
  • Stinkasaurous (12 Pack**)

Fighting Trash

Fighting Trash is a UFT trashies team. It's team colour is black. They are Trashies that fight like experts.


  • Fly Kwan Do (12 Pack*)
  • Kung Spew (12 Pack*)
  • Karate Slop (12 Pack**)
  • Martial Farts (Spin Bin)

    Watch out for fakes!

  • Trash Gladiator (12 Pack**)
  • Goomu Wrestler (12 Pack*)
  • Vile Viking (12 Pack**)
  • Scummy Samurai (12 Pack**)

Army Trash

Army Trash is a UFT trashies team. It's team color is green. They are Trashies in the Army.


  • General Waste (12 Pack*)
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    Another Fake Pack.

  • Major Stench (12 Pack*)
  • Spill Sergeant (12 Pack*)
  • Awful Corporal (12 Pack**)
  • Obscene Marine (12 Pack**)
  • Pootenant (Spin Bin)
  • Bin Grenade (12 Pack**)
  • Gone Badmiral (12 Pack**)

Food Fight Trash

Food Fight Trash is a UFT trashies team. It's team color is yellow. They are food Trashies.


  • Smashed Potato (12 Pack*)
  • Stale Cake (12 Pack*)
  • Sneeze Cheese (12 Pack**)
  • Beaten Egg (12 Pack**)
  • Tossed Spaghetti (Spin Bin)
  • Gooberry Pie (12 Pack**)
  • Trash Trout (12 Pack**)
  • Maggot Mince (12 Pack**)


  • = Figure is only available in Wave 1 Character 12 packs. Hard to find. 
    • = Character is available in Wave 2 Character 12 Packs. Character may not be in pack.

Master Trashies

Master Trashies are a UFT Trashies team. It's team color is gold and silver, and there are only two trashies in the team. They are big, Trash destroying machines. They are exclusive to the Arena pack.


  • Cack Hammer (Arena)
  • Trashinator (Arena)
Master Trash

Master Trash



  • Alley Gator is also a Trashie from Series 2.
  • 12 Packs contains all the same figures.
  • There is a blue Trashinator in a picture from Facebook. This probably doesn't mean anything, though.
  • Because of the eject buttons, many people complain that the battles end too easily.
  • The Spin Bin launchers do not work very well and break very easily. This is a major problem with fans.
  • UFT trading cards were also released some time after the release of this UFT series.

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