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Trash Wheels Series 3 is the third and final series of

Trash Wheels Series 3

the trash wheels line. It is released  in late 2014. The series was revealed on a UK toy website.  

Only 2 of the 4 limited Editions in Trash Wheels series 3 have ever been seen, those being Ghost Rotten Egg Racer and Ghost Trash Turtle. Even then, only 1 of each of them have been seen. Cumulatively, there are 6,750 series 3 Trash Wheels limited Editions ever numbered and yet, only 2 of them have ever been discovered. The series 3 Trash Wheels Limited editions' certificates have the word Ghost before the usual name of the character that was found in quotation marks. For example, Ghost Trash turtle reads...GHOST "TRASH TURTLE"...on the certificate (as can be seen in the image to the right). This is odd for Moose limited Editions and this format for the naming of limited editions is not seen on any other Trash Pack limited Editions or Trash Wheels limited Editions. 



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