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Trash Wheels are a spin-off series of The Trash Pack. Their 'slogan' is "They're Wheely Gross!"

Trash Wheels

Trash Wheels logo.

They are called Trash Wheelies and they are made out of rubber. There are 75 to collect, and there are 4 known playsets as of right now. Vehicles come in packs of 2 and 4, the 4th Trash Wheel is a mystery one. It says you can "Pick 'em up!", "Crush 'em!", and "Wreck and Recycle!" As seen in a video, they also have different colors of the same Trash Wheel Characters.

Trash Wheels can be found in very few Targets and TRU stores in the USA.


4 Pack (3 Visible Trash Wheels, 1 Secret Trash Wheel)

2 Pack (2 Visible Trash Wheels)

Muck Mover (1 Muck Mover Truck, 1 exclusive Trash Wheel)

Gas 'N Go (1 Playset, 2 exclusive Trash Wheels)

Junkyard (1 Playset, 2 exclusive Trash Wheels) 

Burger Flip Out (1 Playset, 2 exclusive Trash Wheels)


The gross gang is on the move with the latest instalment to The Trash Pack line, Trash Wheels! Kids will have a ‘wheely’ gross time racing their Trash Wheels vehicles for a totally rancid Trash Pack showdown. This 2 pack contains 2 super gross Wheelies and a Collector's Guide.


The Trash Wheels 4-Pack makes it easy for kids to add to their gross collection. Kids will find four Trash Wheelies and a Collector’s Guide lurking in this pack to help them identify which Trash Wheelies are theirs. But which wheely gross character will be hiding in the secret compartment of your pack? There are over 83 vehicles to collect with rare finishes including Metallic and all new teams including Litter Buggies, Army Junk, Skid Markz, Rust Buckets and more!

Trash Wheels Teams:

Army Junk :
  • Pooper Trooper
  • Litter Launcher
  • Rank Tank
  • Grot Snot
  • The Detonater 
  • General Jeep
Take Away :
  • Banana Split
  • Hot Rod Dog
  • Burger Buggy
  • Donutz
  • Pizza Delivery
  • French Flies
Litter Buggies :
  • Beetle
  • Creepy Cruiser
  • Spider Driver
  • Lady Buggy
  • Driver Spider
  • Road Roach
  • Fast Flea
Muck Trucks :
  • Sweeper
  • Dumper
  • Trash Masher
  • T-Ractor
  • Muck Monster
  • Scum Van

Rust Buckets :

  • Cable Car
  • Hard Drive
  • Quick Zap
  • Ride On
  • Burn Out
  • Hot Pod
Skid Marks :
  • Doggy Doo
  • Tear Away
  • Brush Buggy
  • Filthy Flusher
  • Alley Gator
  • S-Bend

Limited Edition

  • Flat Rat: 500
  • Slimy Steak: 5000
  • Blubber Brain: 10'000
  • S-Car-Go: 1000


  • Shake N' Brake (Burger Flip Out)
  • Cruddy Crepe (Burger Flip Out)
  • Slicker (Gas N' Go)
  • Go Gas (Gas N' Go)
  • Splattered Fly (Muck Mover)
  • Cruddy Cop Car (Junkyard)
  • Toe Nail Truck (Junkyard)



  • This is the second Sub-Series to be released; The first being UFT.
  • This is the second Trash Pack product line involving vehicles. The First being Scrap Racers.
  • The characters, concept, and playsets look very similar to the short lived Mad Wheelz toy line from 2003.
  • Trash Wheels made their first public appearance on, where they were removed the day after.

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