• July - The toys are revealed!
  • August - Series 1, Garbage Truck, Collector Case, and Tin are released.
  • October - Trashies start to become popular and famous!
  • November - Series 1 released in UK, Series 1 wave 2 is released in AU and US.
  • December - The Trash Pack becomes one of the most wanted toys for Christmas!


  • January- Trashies are no longer exclusive to Toys R Us (US). Series 2 is confirmed for February release.
  • February - Series 2 is released.
  • March - Wheelie Bin and Atomic Drum are released. Dunkin' Dumpster is also released.
  • April - Winners for the Trash Pack design contest receive their Trashies.
  • May - Series 2 Wave 2 is released. Backpack and Lunchbox also released.
  • May - Series 1 released in Germany.
  • May - Series 2 released in the UK.
  • June - Scum Drum, Trash Launcher , Black Tin, Barrel of Trashies, and Orange Garbage Truck are released in Australia.
  • June - Series 1 released in Thailand.
  • June - Street Sweeper and Scum Drum are released in the UK.
  • July - Scum Drum, Tin 2, and Street Sweeper released in the US.
  • August - Series 3 is released in Australia
  • September - Trading cards confirmed release in US.
  • October - Series 3 released in USA. Series 3 Wave 2 in AU, New Merchandise
  • November - Trash Pack (3)DS Video Game released
  • December - Series 4 gets released in AU. Junk Truck, UFT and Series 3 released in United Kingdom


  • February - UFT released in the US and Australia. Scrap Racers are also released in Australia.
  • March - Series 3 Wave 2 rumored to be released in the US, Junk Truck released in US.
  • March - Trash Pack Cartoon announced. Webisodes available.
  • March - Series 4 Wave 2 released in Australia in late March, Series 3 Wave 2 released in US in late March
  • March - Collection 2 released in Late March in AU.
  • April - Junk Truck released in Australia and UFT Cards Collection 1 released in the US. 2nd Cartoon Webisode released.
  • May - Series 5 gets released in AU. UFT Wave 2 released in US.
  • May- Collection 1(Trading cards) released in the UK.
  • June- Series 4 released in the UK
  • June - Dumpster Tin, Sewer Dump, Dirty Double and Glow in the Dark Street Sweeper are released in participating Australian stores. UFT Wave 2 released in Australia
  • July - Wave 1 and 2 of Series 4 released in the US at once, Trash Wheels also released in the US. Gross Ghosts start to show up in Target stores in the US. Epsode 3 of the Trash Pack cartoon released. 
  • August - Trash wheels releasd in AU. UFT glow mania is released in the US and AU. Gross Ghosts released in AU.
  • September - Series 5 gets released around Mid-September, both waves at a time in the US.
  • October- Series 5 released in the UK
  • November- UFT glow mania released in the UK
  • December - Series 6 gets released in AU.
  • December- Trash wheels (series 1) released in the UK


  • January- Series 6 released in the US. Trash Wheels Series 2 released in AU.
  • February - Spooky Series Gross Ghosts released in AU.
  • March - Gross Ghosts released in UK
  • April - Series 6 released in the UK.
  • May- New Trash Wheels playsets will be released.
  • June- Trash wheels series 2 released in the UK.

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