The Trash Pack cartoon is a flash animated web-cartoon created by New Zealand animation company Mukpuddy. Episodes are only available through the official Trash Pack YouTube channel and on the Trash Pack website.


Blow Fly And Trash-A-pillar

It revolves around the adventures of Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar and their encounters with other Trashies in Trash Town. 



  • Tyre Towers
  • The Beach
  • Trash Town Theater
  • Burger Flip-Out


Fly Poo (Season 1)

Fly Poo is the first webisode and it consists of Trash-A-Pillar learning to fly. 

  • Appearence of Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar.

Don't Bring It Up

Blow Fly's friend Mouldy Milk is coming for a visit. When Mouldy pukes on Trash-A-Pillar, Blow Fly offers Mouldy Milk a sesson of "Anti Puke Training "!

  • First appearence of Mouldy Milk.

Snot My Problem

  • Trash A Pillar brings home a new Trashie (Scummy Screen). Blow Fly isn't very happy about this, but after Scummy shows him a humorous viral video, Blow Fly agrees to let him stay. 13 seconds later, Scummy catches a virus, covering Tyre Towers with snot. Scummy sneezes, the sneeze being so strong that it blasts Blow Fly into space.
  • First appearence of Scummy Screen (Scummy)
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Spoiler Alert

Rotty Pop interrupts Blow Fly and Trash A Pillar's fun at Trash Town's movie theater by spoiling important plot details.

  • First appearence of Rotty Pop.

Gum and Gummer

While relaxing at the beach, Blow Fly and Trash A Pillar encounter Scum Gum, who is covered with trash, the two attempt to help him. Unfortunetly, Scum Gum hugs Blow Fly to show his thanks, but ends up getting stuck to him.

  • First appearence of Scum Gum.

Wreck The Halls

A Trash Pack version of "Deck the Halls" is sung by Blow Fly.

  • All characters from previous episodes reappear.

The Fast and The Grubbiest

Blow Fly and Trash A Pillar have opened a "Car Un-wash". They promise to trash-up any car that passes by. When Burn Out, their first (and only) customer arrives, he decides not to pay the two, instead leaving them inside a pile of dirt.

  • First appearence of Burn Out.

The Big Crush

Trash-A-Pillar is showing off his new hat, when it gets blown away by the wind. Blow Fly offers to go help his friend retreive it. Unfortunetly, it lands inside a garbage truck. The two go inside and find the hat, getting crushed and turned into a compacted cube afterwards.

The phrase "Trash Pack-tacular" is introduced.

A Side of Flies

Trash-A-Pillar and Blow Fly got jobs at the Burger Flip Out and are happy until Blow Fly meets Burpy Slurpy (who talks in Burpeneese) and Blow Fly can't understand him.

Trash-A-Pillar can though and ends up being Employee of The Month because of it.

  • First appearence of Burpy Slurpy.
  • First appearence of a Trash Wheels playset.
  • Burpeneese is a Trashie language.
  • 3rd appearance of Mouldy Milk.
    • He was seen as employee of the month before Trash-A-Pillar took his place.

Completely Armless

It's Trash-A-Pillars birthday and he gets a pair of arms as a present, but when he jumps off of a crane on a hook the come clean off.

  • All trashies from previous episodes reappear.

Pest Control

Blow Fly is seen at his pumpkin in his garden and Trash-A-Pillar and Sour Snail show up, Blow Fly tells him to keep his mouth away from his pumpkin, but Sour Snail says that they are just heading for lunch and Trash-A-Pillar asks if Blow Fly would like to join, he says he will but while walking forward he slips and lands on his pumpkin, breaking it.

An Apple A Day

Blow Fly is seen sick and Trash-A-Pillar says he's called the doctor and Blow Fly tells him he doesn't need a doctor, however just then Rotten Apple arrived and checked Blow Fly's tongue, then he put a big bandage on his face and rips it off, then he feeds him his booger scooper, then out of Rotten Apple comes the Worm Doctor.


  • The series premiered unannounced on the Trash Pack Youtube channel. This was hinted as one of two "big surprises".
  • Episodes 5, 6, and 12 could be found on a different Youtube account, long before they officially premiered.
    • The leaked version of Episode 6, oddly, does not contain any music or sound effects.
  • Episode 13 was the last episode of the series.
  • The Series often focuses on Series 1. The only characters from different series are Burn Out (Trash Wheels), Rotty Pop and Burpy Slurpy (both Series 3), and Lizard Lice (Series 7)
  • The Big Crush is the first episode to feature any guest characters since Episode 1. But it's the first episode to have a playset in it.
  • The cartoon series was made to replace the Mondo TV cartoon, which aired in Spain, Italy and Greece.
  • All characters in the show are voiced by Ryan Cooper, one of the members of Mukpuddy.

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