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The Mondo TV Trash Pack Cartoon was meant as the cartoon for the Trash Pack series. Heavily based around Series 1, the series featured Ray and Jenny, two children that befriend the Trashies, while also trying to help keep garbage from spreading around the city. Throughout the series, unwanted and poorly discarded garbage end up getting new life as a Trashie.

This series was only aired in Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, and Italian, though an English dub was planned, but never came to be save for its theme song, various press releases, and a now-defunct website. It was eventually replaced by the Moose webisodes.

English synopsis

A typical afternoon in Garden City. Blue skies. Busy streets. People hurrying here and there. And down the highway go a stream of garbage trucks, all heading for Trash Town, otherwise known as ‘The Dump’, the place where all the garbage, trash, refuse, waste, recycling, and anything else people want to get rid of is sent. All without any idea of the weird and wacky things that happen in Trash Town. The first garbage truck rolls in and pours its morning collection into the mouth of the Sorter, a gigantic hodgepodge of gears, wheels, conveyor belts, and ramps. The gears turn, the conveyor belts move, and the trash all gets sorted by type and poured into robotic carts that take it to just the right sections of Trash Town: Compost Island, the Scrap Heap High Rise, Recycling Ranch, Toxic Waste Lands, the Gizmo Grave Yard, etc. Everything's mechanized here. Practically no people at all, except in the office. And, of course, Ray and Jenny, the son and daughter of Dad Webb, who runs Trash Town. The two kids spend a lot of time on their own, playing in one part of Trash Town or another. And today’s a typical day... Except… Today, while chasing after one of the robo-haulers, Ray and Jenny came around a corner only to see a flattened piece of chewing gum, Bubblz, pop up in front of Cheezy and Pips. And all three of the Trashies burst out into gales of laughter. Jenny and Ray can’t believe their eyes. Or their ears. Trash that moves! And talks!! And laughs!!!


  • As a gender balance, some of the Trashies had their genders changed to female in the series, such as Scabby CatScum Gum, and Sour Snail.
  • At the same time, many of the Trashies got new names that are different from their original package ones.
  • In the series, the Trashies could change color depending on their mood. This is shown in the footage of the series - they change colors when shocked.
  • The series appears to have been meant to be released in English at the start of its release, as text in the various dubs remain in English.