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Bin-Sects, Series 1





Colors & Rarities

Red (Common), Blue (common), and Green (rare)



Trash-A-Pillar is a Series 1 Trashie who is a  member of the Bin-Sects team. He is a caterpillar with slime dripping from his mouth and is covered in leaves.


Squirming his way through Trash Town, Trash-A-Pillar has dreams that one day he might turn into a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately not all dreams come true. He's more likely to be eaten by one of the seagulls in Trash Town!


Trash-A-Pillar's figure is a red caterpillar with purple lips and green slime dripping from his mouth. There are two green leaves, a splatter of green slime, and a red apple core on his body.

His Common variant is a blue caterpillar with red lips and yellow slime dripping from his mouth. There are two yellow leaves, a splatter of yellow slime, and a blue apple core on his body.

His Rare variant is a green caterpillar with yellow eyes, orange lips, and brown slime dripping from his mouth. There are two brown leaves, a splatter of brown slime, and a green apple core on his body.

His artwork is similar to his red variant, but lacks the splatter on his side. His leaves are red instead of green.

Trash Town Hangout

Garbage Gardens.


  • Along with Blow Fly, he appears on the Trash Pack logo.
  • Despite being a caterpillar, he lacks legs
  • Moose reintroduced Trash-A-Pillar in the Grossery Gang Series 3, named "Trashapillar".


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