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The Trash Pack are one of the most popular toys of 2012 and are little collectable figurines that "belong in your Garbage"! The Trash Pack Timeline should provide information. After the line ended, The Grossery Gang said they took over them and grossed things up.


Series 1 was the first Trash Pack series and has 166 characters. the cans were florescent green and glowed in the dark, and some were Translucent. Series 1 had Translucent Bin-fections and Glow in the Dark Trashies. Unfortunately in many areas series 1 has been 'dismissed' and is no longer available in those areas. Series 1 was first public in July 2011, and was cancelled in Australia in mid-way 2012.

Series 2 was the second series of Trash Pack. There were 169 trashies in the Series.It was released in February 2012. The cans were a mixed-orange and have not yet been dismissed (no longer available) in areas. Series 2 had metallic Astro Trash and Fuzzy (Mouldy) Special Editions. The special Pack was a Fizz Bag. Series 2 was most popular around mid February to early August. The Barrel Of Trashies was released with Series 2 and included Exclusive Series 2 trashies in different colors.

Series 3 was the third and most successful series with 166 characters. This Time there was 5 Limited Editions instead of 3 like in the previous series, however there is only 250 rarest trashie, Grimy Gold instead of 1000. The cans are a darkish blue and slightly larger than the series 1 cans. The special packs are the "Trash Pack Liquid Ooze Pack Series 3". The Line of Ultra Rares are Wall Crawler Movie trash that can stick to walls. The Special Editions are color change trashies and are the "coolest trashies yet", despite being voted as a bad Idea and ruins the colour..

Series 4 Series 4 is the fourth series.It has more trashies than ever! This time instead of trash can there are Wheelie Bins. Like Series 3 there are 5 limited editions( which are based on animal bones) but unlike the other Limited Editions they Glow in the Dark. The wheelie bins are a red colour. The special packs are Liquid Ooze packs, just like the previous series. And the most changes is that Bin Critters & Bin Monsters are gone.....Say hello to Food of the World and Toy Trash. The Ultra Rare Line is Beach Trash which feels sandy. There are now Mini Trashies which are so small, awww.The Special Editions are Biter Trashies, which have huge slits for mouths. This allows you to open and close their mouths. You can even make them eat the mini trashies!

Series 5 was released in 2013 (the golden age of this wiki) and had light yellow toilets instead of wheelie bins. World Food stayed in Series 5, but new teams were added like School Trash and Sewer Trash. The series was mostly based on the sewers, and the most rarest limited edition was Poop Plop, who as you can tell, was based on the sewers.

Series 6 was way different from the previous series. This time, the series was based on the Stone Age and dinosours. The Trashies came in Translucent-like purple eggs. The ultra rares were hard boiled Trashies which looked like animals made of stone. The special editions were mini Trashies, but they were incased in translucent green eggs, similiar to the Frozen Trash in series 5, which were the same thing but in ice cubes.

Series 7 was different yet again, this time being based on germs. All the Trashies were translucent and came in test tubes and beakers. The most rarest limited edition in this series and overall rarest Trashie ever was Captain Contagious who looked like a normal germ but with a red cape and an evil grin as if he would be scheming a plan... (Fun Fact: only 2 known Captain Contagious's were found in the world, so if you think you have one, consider yourself lucky).

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