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Stuffed. Pencil Case is a Series 5 ST Trashie on the School Trash team.

Stuffed Pencil Case.jpg

He is a Pencil Case stuffed full, of gross school supplies.


Stuffed. Pencil Case is a sideways Pencil Case who has crinkle on his back.He has a zipper on the left side of his head, the zipper line extends to the other side of him..He has patches, worms and flies on him in certain places.and His teeth are pencils.

Trashie Rating

colors: green rare, orange rare, yellow rare.


  • He has various school supplies sculpted on him, like: A ruler in his mouth, scissors near where his right hand would be (If he had hands), And for some reason he has a Band-Aid on his back, and of course, pencils, there are two on his face, near his chin.