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Snot My Problem is the third episode of the Trash Pack cartoon.


When Trash-A-Pillar brings home a surprise guest, Blow Fly is less than thrilled but allows him to stay...after all what could possibly go wrong? Episode 3 of the Trash Pack Cartoon, "Snot My Problem" stars Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar with special guest star Scummy Screen.


[Blow Fly is on the couch, digging through the cushions. He pulls out a hot dog.]

Blow Fly: Nope. Nope, not that one. (Sticks hand back in and shuffles, pulls out a piece of pizza.) Ugh, that’s not it either! (Sticks hand back in and shuffles, pulls out old boot.) Ah, there it is! (Laughs, swallows boot in one bite.)

Trash-A-Pillar: (Offscreen.) Blow Fly! Hey, come see!

Blow Fly: Listen, if you’re wearing a bikini again, (shifts eyes) I don’t wanna see it. (Shudders.)

[Cut to Trash-A-Pillar’s room, Blow Fly, Trash-A-Pillar, and Scummy Screen are there.]

Trash-A-Pillar: Look at this little guy! He followed me home! I call him Scummy!

Scummy Screen: A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Blow Fly. May I entertain you with a humorous video? (His face screen turns into a looping video of a jumping donkey with a rainbow coming out of its rear as cheerful music plays. Scummy moves his pointer fingers in sync to the music while Trash-A-Pillar dances.)

Blow Fly: Hmm…now, I’m not usually one for potty humor…but THAT, is comedy gold!

Trash-A-Pillar: Isn’t he amazing?! Uh…can I keep him? (Eyes glisten.)

Blow Fly: Okay, you can keep him. Yeah, on the condition you clean up after him, and you don’t let him get a virus.

Trash-A-Pillar: Uh, yeah, I promise. This is gonna be so awesome!

[Cut to card saying “13 seconds later”. Cut back to couch, Blow Fly is sitting on it, about to put the piece of pizza in his mouth.]

Trash-A-Pillar: (Offscreen.) Blow Fly! Um…I think he got a virus!

Blow Fly: (Groans.)

[Cut to Trash-A-Pillar’s room. It is covered in webs of snot. Scummy is somewhat sagging down, his body crusted with snot and his eyes somewhat red, he looks miserable. Blow Fly walks in.]

Blow Fly: What did you do?!

Trash-A-Pillar: Uh, nothing! I just clicked on this little link that said “Download this virus to win one million dollars”!

Scummy Screen: (Wiping his nose with his hand, sounding a bit congested.) It seemed like a good deal at the time…

Blow Fly: (Groans and glares at Scummy.)

Scummy Screen: (Crumples down and moans.)

Blow Fly: (Groans and glares at Trash-A-Pillar.)

Trash-A-Pillar: Okay…I’ll go get the mop and bucket… (Eyes glisten with sadness, he crawls off.)

Blow Fly: (Sighs.) This isn’t gonna end well, is it?

Scummy Screen: I’m sure it will be fi—(Crumples up for a sneeze, trails of snot shoot out of him.)

[Cut to outside Tyre Towers, the trails of snot spurt out of holes at random areas. Cut to outer space, the snot still launches out, pushing Blow Fly into the screen.]

Blow Fly: (Slurred and strained.) Does somebody have a tissue…?