SmellyOnion TheGrubz S3


  • Smelly onion (Common)
  • Smelly onion (Rare)
  • Smelly onion (Ultra rare)
Smelly Onion is a Series 3 Trashie who is a part of The Grubz team. He is an onion who is crying (because in real life, onions make you cry) and wiping his eye with a tissue. He seems to be rotten/expired/spoiled.

General Information

Finish: Classic

Colors, Numbers And Rarity: Brown (#361, Common) Blue (#380, Rare) Yellow (#384, Ultra Rare)


You don't need to cut this onion to make yourself cry. Just one look at Smelly onion is enough to get the tears flowing. He stinks that much that even Skunks hold their nose!

Trading Card Line

"Start the recipe with some freshly chopped trash!"


  • He and Sick Garlic's Rare variant have pictures that look almost exactly the same.