Slop Corn

Slop Corn
Slop Corn Artwork.png



Series 1


The Grubz

Colors & Rarities:

Yellow (Common), Orange (Rare), Purple (Common)




1 (Purple released in Wave 2)

Slop Corn is a Series 1 Trashie who is part of The Grubz team. He is a moldy corn on the cob covered with flies.


"Even if you smother him in butter, Slop Corn will still make you puke. And he'll get stuck in between your teeth for weeks. His corn kernels aren't as fresh as they used to be!"

Trash Town Hangouts

"Festering away in the compost!"


  • In Collection 1 of the Series 3 Trading Cards, Rotty Pop is mistakenly named as Slop Corn.
  • He may be related to Rotty Pop, like Poo-Tato and Poo-Tato Chips.
  • His name is a pun on "Pop Corn", even though he is a ear of corn.
  • A French Canadian comic reveals that some of his corn kernels were accidentally popped from an electric blanket, filling up Rotty Pop.
  • His name was later used for Slop Corn from The Grossery Gang
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