The Trash Pack Wiki

The Sewer Trash Team is from Series 5, there is Five separate Trashies in the team, they are: Stink Spray, Turd Turtle, Awful Algae, Sewer Pipe, and Doo Doo Diaper. All of the Trashies in this team are based on Poop/Sewers.


"If it's incredibly stinky and covered in ooze then chances are you've found yourself some Sewer Trash. Whatever you do, don't pick these Trashies up or the stink will stick for days!"


  • All of the Trashies in this team are from the "Sickly Sewers" Hangout.
  • This team is really the only team that fits into Series 5's theme of Toilets.
  • There is only 1 Trashie that is a Rare in this team, it is Sewer Pipe.