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This is the seventh and final series of The Trash Pack line, and the 13th set of figures total It was released in the summer of 2014.

Series 7 focuses on germs, hence the name, Junk Germs. This time, Trashies come packaged in test tubes and beakers. Special Trashies include Super Snot, X-ray, and the return of Color Changers.

The series was confirmed by Flair, the United Kingdom distributor for Trash Pack. The containers were the first information about the series provided a few weeks before Toy Fair 2014, though only a conceptual drawing was shown. Later on, Flair did a questions and answers video on their YouTube channel. In this video, the first pictures of Series 7 were seen, taken from their product catalog. A few days after, a press release was found that contained all info about Series 7 products, including the then discovered Sewer Truck. After some time passed, more images of packaging were found, as well as Toy Fair images, which confirmed the transparency of the figures, and special edition themes. It is immediatly noticable that all figures in the series are transparent, similar to the Gross Ghosts figures, or Series 1's Binfections, which were also germs. There are two Trashies in each test tube, as the tubes are much taller than the previous containers, which were all in scale with each other. Visible figures do not get their own container.


  • 2 Pack (2 Trashies, 1 test tube)
  • 5 Pack (5 Trashies, 2 test tubes)
  • 12 Pack (12 Trashies, 2 test tubes, 1 beaker)
  • Sewer Truck 

X-ray (Ultra Rare)

Germ Worms

Pet Germs

Sport Germs

Vicious Viruses

Household Germs

Cold 'N Flu (Special Edition)

Limited Edition: Super Snot Trashies


  • Packaging, character artwork, and overall information was leaked onto the internet by online shops and Moose's 2014 product document.
  • There was a rumor that Series 7 was going to be the final series. Moose confirmed Series 7 as being the last series during 2015.

    "The Sickest Series Yet!"

  • This is the only main series to have all of the Trashies in a transparent finish. Gross Ghosts do not count, as they are spin-off sets.
  • The last main series with transparent figures was Series 1, which were also based on germs.
  • This is the first series in which multiple Trashies are in one container (excluding 12 pack bins).
  • A Gross Ghosts version of this series would be impossible, as all the figures are already transparent.
  • The release time between the USA and Australia was the quickest so far, as the USA got Series 7 two weeks after the original Australian release.
  • Brain Worm was the first Junk Germ released to the public.
  • Fish worm was the second Junk Germ released to the public.
  • The Series 7 ultra rare team was originally going to be called the Gross Guts Trashies
  • .A trashie called "Grotty Snotty" was originally going to be in this series, moose scrapped grotty snotty for unknown reasons.