Series 6 - 12 Pack

Series 6 of the Trash Pack came out in December 2013. The containers are now "rotten eggs" and are colored purple. The SE team are Hard Boiled Trashies. This series focuses on ancient and fossil Trashies.


Ancient Eggs-Hibits

Scrambled Animals

Eggs-Cavated Trash

Eggstinct Trash

Puke Eggs (Ultra Rare Team)

Hard Boiled Trash (SE Team)

Limited Editions


  • At the Trash Pack Festy-Val (in Luna Park Melbourne), a coming soon poster for Series 6 was at the Manky Museum. The poster hinted at the new series being focused on eggs.
  • There is not a single returning team in this series, most likely due to the fact that those teams wouldn't fit the "egg" theme.
  • This series brings in the most amount of new teams ever, with 6 new teams total (not including Limited Editions). Second is Series 5, with 4, and third is Series 4, with 3.
  • This series has the 1000th Trashie in the collector numbers and the 1000th Trashie is Scrambled Rat.
  • This is the only main Series to have 4 Limited editions.
  • This is the first Series for the Trashies in the Ultra Rare line to have 3 colors instead of 2.
  • This happened also for Tangled Seaweed in Series 4.
  • The egg-shaped containers and egg motif may have been inspired by the "Surprise Egg" trend that sweeped YouTube in the mid-2010s.


Official Commercial

The Trash Pack Series 6 Official TV Commercial-0

The Trash Pack Series 6 Official TV Commercial-0

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