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Similar to the Trash Pack Liquid Ooze Pack Series 3, the Ooze Pack is the Special Pack for Series 4. It consists of a Large Silver bin , 2 red wheelie bins and 6 Trashies including a hidden trashie taped to the bottom of the packaging.


  • 1 Packet of Ooze (Enclosed in a resealable bag inside the Silver Bin.
  • 1 Large silver bin (Ooze Inside)
  • 2 small red bins (Containing 2 trashies)
  • 1 hidden trashie
  • 1 Games Booklet


  • On the back of the packaging is an unknown sausage Trashie which is, as yet, unreleased.
    Ooze thumb

    Series 4 Ooze Pack

  • The original photo of the Ooze Pack shows Giddy Squid and Grotweiler as an error on the Trash Pack website
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