Series 4 of The Trash Pack came out in December 2012 in AU. It came out in July in the US. Trash Cans are replaced with Wheelie Bins, and are red. The Special Editions are Biter Trashies and there are new 'Mini' Trashies. The Mini Trashies are rare. The series has an overseas vibe to it.

Reveal and Leakage

In the early Fall of 2012, a YouTube user uploaded a video with Series 4 information, claiming that he found it on the street near Moose's headquarters. In the video, he showed the packaging of a 5 pack, which included an image of Squish Bone. (Other Trashies that could be identified were Mouldy Melon and Mucky Ducky) along with a wheelie bin. When the page was shared on this wiki by a wiki contributor, the buzz began, and soon, dozens and dozens of Trash Pack fans were aware of the new series. Because the video was blurry, many people could not make anything out of the things seen in the video, making many assume that the video was a hoax. When asked for photos of the item, he agreed to take them. ....for a limited edition! In late October, Moose found the video and issued a copyright claim, forcing Youtube to take the video down. Shorty after, the Trash Pack website displayed a teaser image with a silhouette of a square bin flying over the moon (a reference to E.T?) with the words "Series 4, Coming Soon" displayed. Quickly after this, Series 4 info was leaked yet again in the Trash Pack Facebook page. An image of familiar Hard Rubbish characters from Series 1, 2 and 3 was posted. However, one Trashie was not familiar. The video game controller Trashie, was thought to be an upcoming or unreleased character. He was later released in Series 4 as Banged Up Gamer.


Series 4


The Grubz:

Hard Rubbish:

Bin Sects:

Food Of The World:

Trash Toys:

Beach Trash:


Limited Edition: Bone Trash


  • This is the first series to have Wheelie Bins insead of Trash Cans
  • Additionally, this series began the theme of having a different object each series.
  • This is the first series to include Food of the World and Trash Toys.
  • The list of Limited Editions on the Collectors Guide is backwards, so it goes least rarest to rarest. Moose probably did that on purpose.
  • Mini Trashies can be placed inside a Biter Trashie's mouth.
  • Even though mini trashies are a special type of Trashie, they are not listed as special editions, but as rares.
  • This is the first series to have no Ultra Rares outside of the Ultra Rare team.
  • There are special 'mini' and 'biter' Trashies. Biter Trashies can open and close their mouth.
  • Every exclusive except the first 4 are from Scrap Racers.
  • Each 5 Pack always includes one of the following three types of Trashies Mini Trashie, a Beach Trash, or on occasion, a Limited Edition.
  • It took this series seven months to get ANY release outside of Australia. This is the longest any Series has taken to be released, unless Wave 2 of Series 3 is counted. (Ten months)
  • This is the first series to exclude Bin Monsters and Bin Critters, two teams that were a big part of the original trio of serie

Series 4 is out now

  • This is the first series to have each Trashie in only 1 rarity.
  • When released in the USA and United Kingdom, all figures were released. This includes Wave 2, Each Trashie in all three colors, and all five limited editions.
  • The scrap racers were only available in the UK and Australia
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