• 2 packs
  • 12 pack
  • 5 pack
  • Surprise egg
  • A 12 pack opened
  • A 2 pack opened
Series 2 is the second series of The Trash Pack. It replaces green trash cans with orange trash cans, and features a new category that replaces the Bin-Fections: Astro Trash . Astro Trash are metallic. There are also 3 limited editions, and they are Grott Rocket, Trash Craft, and Trashellite. The special editions are no longer Glow in the Dark, however they are flocked "Mouldy" trashies.



Series 2

  • 5 Pack (2nd Edition): Released only in Five Below stores in the USA. Contained 5 Trashies. Two visible. In only includes one bin, which is the same one as the two pack egg.
  • 5 Pack (3rd Edition): Same contents as the 1st edition 5 pack. However, the display card is green instead of orange. Available only at Walmart. Also applies to 12 pack.
  • 12 Pack (1st Edition)
  • 12 Pack (2nd Edition): See 3rd Edition of 5 pack)

Accessories and Playsets


The Grubz

Hard Rubbish


Bin Critters

Bin Monsters

Astro Trash

Limited Editions


  • There was going to be a new logo with Burny and Sludge Slug replacing Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar.
  • A prototype five pack displays the logo mentioned above oddly shows a green Putrid Sardine as the visible. 
  • Exclusive Trashies (Slime Bucket for example) are packaged in green trash cans instead of orange.
  • This is the last Series to have 3 limited editions
  • The name "Alley-Gator" has been used numerous times. Once in this series, once in UFT, and once in the first series of Trash Wheels. 
  • The Trash Pack Magic has the same trashies in different colours, except for the Astro Trash and the limited editions, but in hard form.
  • The character Putrid Pretzel was intended for Wave 2, but the yellow variant could be found in one very rare and specific Dunk and Fizz pack, which allowed one to obtain him before official release
  • This was the last series that go ghost trash, the other one that got ghost trash was Series 1
    Putrid pretzel figure

    Putrid Pretzel could be found in a Fizz pack alongside these Trashies.

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