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Series 1 is the first series of the trash pack It was released around September of 2011 in the U.S. and Australia. There are 166 Trashies to collect in Series 1. The Special edition trashies were glow in the dark. The ultra rare trashie team for series 1 is the Bin-Fections, which are see through trashies. There are 3 limited edition trashies to collect as well. The trash cans for series 1 are green.

Series 1

12 Pack

2 pack

5 pack


Trash Can 2 Pack: Includes one large can with two Trashies inside.

Foil Bag 1 Pack:Includes 1 Trashie and 1 small can.

Foil Bag 2 Pack: Includes 2 Trashies and 2 small can.

Trash Pack 3 Pack Fizz Pack: Includes 3 trashies; only available in Europe.

5 PackIncludes 5 trashies with 5 small cans.

12 PackIncludes 12 trashies, 1 extra large can, and 5 small cans. Every 12 pack comes with two special edition glowing trashies.

Garbage TruckIncludes 2 exclusive trashies and 2 small cans. The truck can store cans and fold out into a play set, and comes with a wheelie bin launcher.

Collector's CaseIncludes 2 exclusive trashies. It can store 1 of each series 1 trashie.

Collector's TinIncludes 2 exclusive trashies and 2 small cans. It can store many small cans and/or trashies inside.


There are a total of 166 trashies in series 1. Click on the trashie's names for a more in depth look at each of them!

The Grubz:

Hard Rubbish:


Bin Critters:

Bin Monsters:


Limited Editions:




  • There was going to be an Ice Cream Trashie in the series, but was scrapped for unknown reasons. He can be seen at the beginning of the Mondo TV Trash Pack Cartoon.
  • In the Mondo TV cartoon, Trashola and a trash rim were in the logo in the place of Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar.
  • This is the only series to have see-through bins.
  • All pink Trashies are Ultra Rare in this series.
  • There is a spin off series called Gross Ghosts that has the same trashies in shiny, traslucent colours that is released for Target only. This implies that the Series 1 characters have "died".
  • There was a second version of the Series 1 commercial. It had different narration, and the Trash Pack theme was also sung differently.
  • While Limited Editions were in the series, they were not on the checklist, cardback, OR collector's guide.

Unreleased Ice Cream Trashie