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Rotty Pop
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Movie Trash

Colors & Rarities:

Red and purple (ultra rare)


Wall Crawler

Rotty Pop is a Series 3 Trashie who is part of the Movie Trash team. He is a box of stale popcorn who is holding a movie ticket in his left hand and wears a bow tie.


Rotty Pop is the cockiest Pop Corn you can eat. He's bound to get stuck in between your teeth and taste terrible. No amount of hot butter or caramel can disguise his disgusting flavour.

Trash Town Hangout

Bin Cinemas.

Trading Card Line

There's something obscene on the big screen!

In the Trash Pack Cartoon

Rotty Pop appears in episode 4 of the Trash Pack cartoon, "Spoiler Alert". Blow Fly tells Trash-A-Pillar to get some popcorn, but Trash-A-Pillar brings Rotty Pop into the theater instead. He constantly reveals spoilers of the movies that Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar are watching, which ruins the movie experience for them. He then ends up tied onto a flagpole on top of the theater building, where the popcorn inside him gets devoured by seagulls.

He makes minor appearances in the episodes "Wreck the Halls" and "Completely Armless".


  • Rotty Pop's trading card is wrongly listed as Slop Corn on the Trash Pack Collector's Tool website.
  • Rotty Pop could also fit into The Grubz team, as he is a food item.
  • The cartoon gives him a teal bowtie, rather than white.
  • A French Canadian comic reveals where his popcorn is from: some of Slop Corn's kernels ended up popping into him while sitting on an electric blanket.