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Rotting Rat is a Series 4 Limited Edition Trashie. He is one of five chase figures along with Squish Bone, Festering Fowl, Foul Fish Bone and Cruddy Cow Skull. He is a dirty rat skull with a cheese wedge in one eye. There are 1,000 units of Rotting Rat made.


Rotting Rat is seriously sick! Using sticky slime, he has had to glue his ear back on over thirty times! And don't get him to tell any jokes whatever you do, they are seriously cheesy!

Trash Town Hangout

Moldy mousetraps.


  • His trading card is the only source of his body, proving that he does have one.
  • According to a Trash Pack Magazine story, his name used to be "Rotten Rat" before he was trapped in a mousetrap.
  • In his artwork, his eye is on the left, but in real life it's on the right.
  • In the trading card, it doesn't have the cheese, instead it haves a hole that does not have the eye. This is very frecuent in trading cards; they aren't exactly the same as the real Trashie.


  • Rotting Rat (limited edition)
  • Trading Card
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