Putrid Pizza Challenge


  • Up to four food fighting games to play either by yourself or with others (The instructions on how to play these are in the box).
  • Try to get up to 100 points by launching Trashies into the box with 'Pizza Point Pile-up'; or get as many Trashies as you can in your selected pizza slice with the 'Pig Out' game - choose your position carefully in the ,'Supreme Slice Circuit'.
  • Includes a Putrid Pizza box, 20 exclusive series 4 variant Trashies, and 2 launchers (Same 2 Launchers From The Scum Drum).It is alike the scum drum..



  • Horrid Haggis (purple, blush, yellow).
  • Oozey Noodles (purple, blush, yellow).
  • Shocking Horse (purple, blush, yellow)
  • Creepy Pede (purple, blush, yellow).
  • Vile Vacuum (purple, blush, yellow)
  • Grim ribs (purple, blush, yellow)


  • Banged Up Gamer (purple, red, green)
  • Scarred Caviar (purple, red, green)
  • Gristle Pie (purple, red, green)
  • Stuffed Chicken (purple, red, green)
  • Smear Wig (purple, red, green)
  • Fishy Finger (purple, red, green)


  • Barf Baguette (white, orange, yellow)
  • Zapped Lamp (white, orange, yellow)
  • Poo-Tato (white, orange, yellow)
  • Sneeze Burger (white, orange, yellow)
  • Yuck Yo (white, orange, yellow)
  • Sludgey Lasagne (white, orange, yellow)
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