The Mini Trash are a group of Trashies from Series 4. Like the special editions, there are 3 in each category. They come in the colors orange, lime, and white. They are so small that 4-5 can fit in a single trashie bin. This is why they are called Mini Trashies. Their small size makes them easy to drop or lose.

The Grubz

  • Mushy Peas x3
  • Bad Anchovy x3

Hard Rubbish

  • Dumped Dryer x3


  • Grott Hopper x3

Food of the world

  • Buried Burrito x3

Trash Toys

  • Mucky Ducky x3


  • A Mini Trashie can fit inside a Biter Trashies mouth.
  • A Mini Trashie is about a quarter of the size of a regular trashie.

  • Buried Burrito
  • Grot Hopper
  • Mucky Ducky
  • Mushy Peas
  • Bad Anchovy
  • Dumped Dryer
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