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This line of Trashies was only released in Nestle boxes of 2 ice creams from Israel. In the pack there will be 4 series 1 and 2 trashies and they have a chance of being exclusive colorarions. There is one picture of the packaging they came in. This also might have been The Trash Pack's only food promotion.


Collection video containing a few

Known Characters (Colors)

  • Putrid Pizza Green,Purple,Orange
  • Foul Nugget Grey,Red,Yellow
  • Grott Dog Pink
  • Slop Corn Grey
  • Awful Pie Green,Orange,Purple
  • Noxious Bee Grey,Red
  • Rancid Roach Orange,Green
  • Gross Rover Red,Grey
  • Scabby Cat Orange,Purple
  • Waste Wolf Orange
  • (extended list ⬇️)
    • Putrid Pizza (green)
    • Putrid Pizza (pink)
    • Putrid Pizza (orange)
    • Foul Nugget (grey)
    • Foul Nugget (red)
    • Foul Nugget (yellow purple feet)
    • Slop Corn (grey)
    • Slop Corn (green)
    • Bin Scab Beetle (yellowy green dark green slime)
    • Grott Dog (pink)
    • Grott Dog (grey)
    • Grott Dog (yellow red feet)
    • Grott Dog (red)
    • Grott Dog (black)
    • Puke Pod (orange)
    • Rancid Roach (orange)
    • Rancid Roach (green)
    • Gross Rover (red)
    • Gross Rover (grey)
    • Gross Rover (green)
    • Scabby Cat (orange)
    • Scabby Cat (purple)
    • Scabby Cat (pink)
    • Waste Wolf (orange)
    • Waste Wolf (green)
    • Rotten Apple (grey)
    • Rotten Apple (red stem)
    • Noxious Bee (red)
    • Noxious Bee (grey)
    • Awful Pie (green)
    • Awful Pie (purple)
    • Awful Pie (orange)

(Series 2)

  • Sludge Slug (dark purple, bright green base)

Foul Nugget Grey.png
Putrid Pizza Green.png