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Limited Edition Trashies are the hardest trashies to find in each series. Many people wonder how to get Limited Editions.

Some people believe that they are randomly packaged, which is true. With the trading cards, there are no methods. You will just have to buy a lot of packs and hope you get lucky. There are Series 1 methods on the 5 Pack Combinations and 12 Pack Combinations page.

There can only be one limited edition in a pack. In a 12 Pack the limited edition is always in the bottom row of the bins. The packs listed below are the only packs you can get a Limited Edition in, but will rarely have them. And they are only available in one different pack, or 2 for Series 4 Limited Editions. Series 4 Limited Editions are quite easy to find since they are made of plastic when you shake the pack it will make a thumping noise different from other packs.

Methods To Get Limited Editions

     Series 1

  • King Rat: 5 pack with Orange rare Bin Pig (#124) showing.
  • Trash Cat: 12 pack with Purple or Blue common Mouldy Milk (#18 or #25) and Grey common Snotten (#62) showing.

     Series 2

  • Grott Rocket: 5 pack with Orange rare Rankoon (#306) showing.
  • Trash Craft: 5 pack with Red rare Squish Fish (#275) showing.
  • Trashellite: 12 pack with Purple common Garbage Bear (#290) and Green common Trash Tube (#214) showing. or a 5 pack with purple Sludger (#327) showing

     Series 3

  • Grimy Gold: N/A
  • Trash Cash: 12 pack with Orange common Broken Blender (#416) and Blue rare Trashantula (#441).
  • Junk Jewellery: 5 pack with Purple rare Pus Plop (#495) showing.
  • Sick Toc: 5 pack with Red common Yuck Ketchup (#371) showing or 5 pack with Brown common Maggot Meatball (#385) showing.
  • Rot Vault: 12 pack with Yellow common Piggy Pigeon (#455) and White common Grot Pot (#391) showing.  

     Series 4

  • Foul Fish Bone: 5 pack with Yellow common Gristle Pie (#652) showing.
  • Cruddy Cow Skull: 12 pack with Blue common Carnage Car (#685) and Lime & Blue common Moldy Matress (#605) or 5 pack with Green common Gristle Pie (#645) showing or 

     Series 5

  • Flushed Phone: 5 pack with Purple common Stink Spray (#873) showing.
  • Gunk Gator:12pk w/ green scrap pack and brown ant or 12pk w/ Blue Mouldy Sandwich & White Squashed Maggot
  • Spewer Rat: 12pk w/ Red Stink Spray & Green Squirm Worm

     Trash Wheels (Series 1)

Series 6

Slime Skull:

Manky Maggot:

Scrambled Rat:

Litter Lizard: 12pk w/ Blue Eggy Elephant & White Flush-O-Saurus

Series 7

Captain Contagious:

Mucus Puke: 12pk w/ Lime Cold Sore & Grey Fish Worm

Bin Bug:

Snot Sniper:

Flying Fungus: 5pk w/ White Runner's Rash, 5pk w/ Black Horrid Heart Worm or 12pk w/ Lime Glug Hole & Grey Hook worm

Trash wheels series 2

smokin' sandwich:

moose mover:

chicken coupe:

stinkin' soda:

trash wheels series 3

ghost trash turtle: