Grimy Gold
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Limited Edition

Colors & Rarities:

Bronze (limited edition)



Units Available


Grimy Gold is a Series 3 Limited Edition. Trashie. He is one of five chase figures along with Trash Cash, Sick Toc, Junk Jewellery and Rot Vault. He is a gold bar who wears sunglasses. There are 250 units of Grimy Gold produced. Ironically, Grimy Gold appears to be more of a bronze color.


Grimy Gold used to be so dull he was sometimes mistaken for a dirty brick. Now with some spit and mucus he's ready to show off his new colors!

Trash Town Hangout

Boggy banks.

Trading Card Line

Pick a golden nugget!



  • Grimy Gold made news headlines in March 2013 when a Grimy Gold figure was discovered in a 12-pack and was sold on eBay UK for £1,300 (approximately US$1977).
  • Grimy Gold is one of the rarest limited edition Trashies overall along with Squish Bone from Series 4 and Scrambled Rat from Series 6, with only 250 units available each.
  • Grimy Gold is featured on episode 5 of "Hey, Who WAS That Guy?". In this episode, he says he is "just wall crawlin", even though he is not part of the Movie Trash team.
  • He's got some RAD shades.
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