Gas Ghost
GasGhost BinMonsters S3
"So scary you'll poop your pants!"




Bin Monsters

Colors & Rarities:

Grey (Common), Lime (Rare) and Orange (Ultra Rare)





Gas Ghost is a Wave 2 Series 3 trashie in the Bin Monsters category. He's a cloud of what seems to be Fart, well known for his 'Legendary Stench' and, hence the name Gas Ghost. He is available in Trading Card packs and comes in Grey/Blue (Common), fluorescent green/yellow (Rare) and Orange (Ultra Rare). He is one of 3 Wave 2 Ultra Rares and is quite possibly the hardest wave 2. The Common can also be found in a Ooze Pack with Ultra Rare Pesty Parasite Showing and Grey Pus plop and the ultra rare can be found in a 12 pack with the red bin brute and sick garlic rare.

  So scary you'll poop your pants!' (trading card line)

BIO: You may not be able to always see Gas Ghost - but you sure can smell him! His stench is legendary, made up of the foulest rotten egg gas,old socks and used toilets!

Trash Town Hangout: Wafting around Trash Town

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