Fried Dragon Fly is a Series 5 ST Bin-Sects. He is a dragonfly with a big, snotty nose.

Fried Dragon Fly's Official Artwork


"Covered in dried slime and ooze, this is one bug that you simply can't lose. His smell is so strong and utterly gross, making this dragon fly [sic] much sicker than most!"

Trash Town Hangout

"Feral Flowers"


  • Fried Dragon Fly's first part of his name is "Fried" just like Fried Ant, meaning he was most likely also fried with a magnifying glass.
  • There is a typo in his name - usually "dragonfly" is one word and not two.
  • Light Lime Fried Dragon Fly (Rare)
  • Green Fried Dragon Fly (Rare)
  • Orange Fried Dragon Fly (Rare)
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