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Exclusive Trashies are Trashies only available in certain Play-sets and Accessories, hence the name, 'Exclusive'. Exclusives Trashies normally come under the Trashie groups: Grubz, Hard Rubbish , Bin-Sects , Bin-Critters , Bin Monsters (some do not fit under said groups, Skummy Skull and Clump of Grass are notable examples) and depending which series it is launched with, the line of Ultra Rares. In the 'Barrel Of Trashies' the 10 exclusive Trashies are ordinary Series 2 's, but in different colors. Most of the time Play-sets and accessories only come with 2 exclusive Trashies, while others such as the Scum Drum, comes with 4, and in certain Play-sets 5 to 6. Some "Exclusives" are simply Trashies from main sets in new colors and finishes, as seen in the "Barrel of Trashies ", "Putrid Pizza Challenge " and "Trash Launcher ". 

Series 1

Garbage Truck--Sludge Can and Dead Tire. Bonus pack added Translucent Blue Molecular Mouse and Blue Atomic Ant

Glow In The Dark Garbage Truck--Glow In The Dark Sludge Can and Glow In The Dark Dead Tire

Collector Case--Wasted Banana and Squashed Wheel

Collector's Tin--Skummy Skull and Spew-Shi

Collector's Tin (Black)--Red Gutter Grub , Red Ear Wax Ball , GID Mouldy Mushroom , and GID Slime Bucket

Series 1 dash for the trash-- Wasted Banana (Red)

Series 2

Wheelie Bin Ooze Slide--Gutter Grub and Ear Wax Ball

Atomic Drum Ooze Chamber--Molecular Mouse andAtomic Ant

Street Sweeper--Waste Paper and Crushed Can

Dunkin' Dumpster--Mouldy Mushroom and Slime Bucket

Scum Drum--Muck Bucket , Sweaty Shoe , Snot Trot  and Scummy Bear .

Series 3

Junk Truck--Grub Tub and Stink Sink

Trading Cards Tin--Dice (Red, Blue and Green)

Dash For Trash Game--Wasted Banana (Red),Stink Sink (Aqua)

Collector's Wheelie Bin--Atomic Pizza and Pooey Rooey

Scrap Racers-- Smelly Sock ,Clump of Grass ,Dunny Brush ,Slimy Soap ,Bin Goo ,Cow Pat

series 3 dash for the trash --purple atomic ant

Series 4

Dumpster Tin: Busted Crate & Snotty Spray Can

Trading Cards Tin---Dice

Dirty Double: Green Dead Tyre and Sludge Can, Red Waste Paper andCrushed Can

Glow in the Dark Street Sweeper: Glow in the Dark Waste Paper and Glow In The Dark Crushed Can

Sewer Dump: Rotten Apple , Dog Food , Garbage Bag and Banana Split

Putrid Pizza Challenge: Contains 20 Series 4 Characters in one of four new finishes.

Ultimate Fighting Trashies

Battle Arena: Trashinator and/or Cackhammer

Trash Wheels

Muck Mover: Unnamed 1 (Fly)

Burger Flip-Out: Unnamed 2 (Slurpee) and Unnamed 3 (Pancakes)

Gas N Go: Go Gas (Gas Tank) and Sludger (Oil Barrel)

Junkyard: Unnamed 6 (Police Car) and Unnamed 7 (Currently Unknown)

Known Characters

  • Atomic Pizza (Yellow)
  • Pooey Rooey (Yellow)
  • Waste Paper x3 (Blue, Red, GiD)
  • Crushed Can x3 (Blue, Red, GiD)
  • Atomic Ant x2 (Blue, Green,purple)
  • Molecular Mouse x2 (Blue, Green)
  • Spew-Shi x4 (Red, Mouldy Purple, Mouldy Blue, Mouldy Red)
  • Scummy Skull x4 (White, Mouldy Purple, Mouldy Red, Mouldy Blue)
  • Gutter Grub x2 (Red, Yellow)
  • Ear-Wax Ball x2 (Red, Yellow)
  • Squashed Wheel x2 (Red, Yellow)
  • Wasted Banana x2 (Red, Yellow)
  • Sweaty Shoe x3 (Green, Purple and red)
  • Snot Trot x3 (Green, Purple, red)
  • Muck Bucket x3 (Green, Purple, red)
  • Scummy Bear x3 (Green, Purple, red)
  • Dead Tyre x4 (Yellow GiD, Blue, Red, Green)
  • Sludge Can x4 (Yellow GiD, Blue, Red, Green)
  • Mouldy Mushroom x2 (Yellow GiD, Red)
  • Slime Bucket x2 (Yellow GiD, White)
  • Grub Tub (Red, Aqua, Yellow)
  • Stink Sink (Red, Aqua, Yellow)
  • Snotty Spray Can (Yellow)
  • Busted Crate (Yellow)
  • Dice x6 (Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange)
  • Bin Goo x3 (Brown, Yellow,  Purple)
  • Smelly Sock x3 (Purple, Yellow, Brown)
  • Clump of Grass x3 (Brown, Yellow, Purple) 
  • Cow Pat x3 (Brown, Purple, Yellow)
  • Dunny Brush x3 (Purple, Brown,Yellow)
  • Slimy Soap x3 (Yellow, Brown, Purple)
  • Banana Split x2 (Red, Green)
  • Rotten Apple x2 (Red, Green)
  • Trash Bag x2 (Red, Green)
  • Dog Food x2 (Red, Green)
  • Trashinator (Yellow)
  • Cackhammer (Yellow)
  • Fly Wheelie (Red)
  • Slurpee Wheelie (Aqua Blue)
  • Pancake Wheelie (Yellow-Green)
  • Gas Tank Wheelie (White)
  • Oil Barrel Wheelie (Red)
  • Police Car (White)
  • Unknown (Pink)