Collector's Wheelie Bin

Wheelie Bin.jpeg
Wheelie Bin (side view)

The Collector's Wheelie Bin was released alongside Series 3 in Australia. It will most likely be released with Series 3 Wave 2 in the US. It comes with 2 exclusives Trashies, Pooey Rooey and Atomic Pizza.

The Collector's Wheelie Bin is a miniature version of an actual wheelie bin, and features images of Series 3 Trashies on the sides. The top of the bin contains bumps where you can place your Trashies. The wheels on the bottom enable the bin to be rolled like a real bin. The hinged lid opens to enable more than 75 Trashies to be stored. 


Pooey Rooey and Atomic Pizza are exclusive to the Collector's Wheelie Bin. Pooey Rooey is a three-eyed mutant boxing kangaroo, while Atomic Pizza is an irradiated rotten pizza slice. Pooey Rooey is a female kangaroo, as she possesses a pouch containing a three-eyed joey.


  • Unlike Putrid Pizza, Atomic Pizza is a right-side up slice of pizza, while Putrid Pizza is an upside down slice of pizza.
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