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Blow Fly (Cartoon Series)
Blowfly (cartoon).png
Full name Blow Fly
Relationships Trash-A-Pillar {Cartoon Series) Mouldy Milk {Cartoon Series)
Lifespan "Fly Poo" & "Don't Bring It Up"

Blow Fly is a main character in the webseries . He is voiced by Ryan Cooper.


He is an interpretation of Blow Fly. He is very dry and sarcastic with a short fuse. He is best friends with Trash-A-Pillar, even though he is heavily annoyed by him and often uses him. His friendship with Mouldy Milk is less strained, and he even offers to help Mouldy with his biggest issues. He speaks in a thick Brooklyn accent.


  • Both he and Trash-A-Pillar appear in every episode.