Blow Fly

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Blow Fly
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Bin-Sects, Series 1





Colors & Rarities

Blue (common), Green (rare), and Red (common)



Blow Fly is a Series 1 Trashie who is part of the Bin-Sects team. He is a fly with slime dripping from his mouth and is covered in food.


There's no Trashie more annoying than Blow Fly. He'll buzz around your head all day and then land in your lunch. And he just loves to find nice, hot, steaming dog poo to laze around in.

Trash Town Hangout

Everywhere there's trash in the air!


  • Along with Trash-A-Pillar, he appears on the Trash Pack logo.
  • Blow flies are an actual species of fly, specifically, the ones that are attracted to carrion and garbage. His common blue coloration indicates he could be a bluebottle, which is a species of blow fly. His rare green coloration is also similar to a greenbottle, another blow fly species closely related to bluebottles.
  • He has a small role in the Mondo TV cartoon. He often acts as an informant to the other Trashies. His name in this series was Buzz.
  • Some sources misspell his name as "Blowfly".
  • Blow Fly is one of four Trashies that appears in both of the animated series.
  • Blow Fly is the main Trashie.
  • Blow Fly Is In The Grossery Gang Action Figure Lineup.
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