Please note that all teams are listed in alphabetical order.

Army Junk (Trash Wheels)

Alien Trash (UFT Glow Mania)

Ancient Eggs-Hibits (Series 6)

Army Trash (UFT)

Astro Trash* (Series 2)

Battle Bugs (UFT Glow Mania)

Beach Trash* (Series 4)

Bin Critters (Series 1,2,3)

Bin-Fections* (Series 1)

Blast Offs (Trash Wheels Series 2)

Bone Trash (Series 4)

Eggs-Cavated Trash (Series 6)

Egg-stinct Trash (Series 6)

Fighting Trash (UFT)

Flying Filth (Trash Wheels Series 2)

Food Fight Trash (UFT)

Food of the World (Series 4, 5)

Hard Boiled Trash (Series 6)

Frozen Trash (Series 5)

Germ Worms (Series 7)

Household Germs (Series 7)

Limited Edition

Litter Buggies (Trash Wheels)

Master Trashies (UFT)

Odour Beaters (Trash Wheels Series 2)

Parasite Patrol (Trash Wheels Series 2)

Pet Germs (Series 7)

Puke Eggs (Series 6)

Rat Racers (Trash Wheels Series 2)

Rust Buckets (Trash Wheels)

School Trash (Series 5)

Scrambled Animals (Series 6)

Scrap Trash* (Series 5)

Sea Scrap (Trash Wheels Series 2)

Sewer Trash (Series 5)

Skid Marks (Trash Wheels)

Spin Cycles (Trash Wheels Series 2)

Take Away (Trash Wheels)

The Grubz (All Main Series)

Trash Toys (Series 4)

Wall Crawler Movie Trash* (Series 3)

Wild Trash (UFT)

Water Warriors (UFT Glow Mania)

*= Ultra Rare team 

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